Slut Quest

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You've decided that complaining about the bed is the best use of your time. The fact is, if you've had this problem, others might have had this problem too. This atrocity has gone on long enough. Somebody needs to speak up and get somebody else to really do something!

You decide the best way forward is to start up a blog. Surely if you speak out enough, something will get done!

After spending the next few days feverishly posting on tumblr, reddit, and twitter, you realize you're just not getting the attention you deserve. How can you make people take you seriously? Don't people understand that this is a serious issue, and real people are being oppressed? The fact that your pleas and cries have gone unanswered is proof enough that the world is against you and your vagina. Your next move must be...

What will you do?
[1] Hijack a national news story by launching a twitter hashtag campaign exposing the Ferguson Riots and poorly made beds for killing millions of innocent women. #YesAllRiotsAndBedsKillWomen
[2] You know the editor of Beds magazine, you call him up for a date
[3] Buy a new bed, and move on
[4] Call the 800 number and see if customer service will send you a replacement...

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