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It's true, over fifty women have been upset by the Ferguson Riots, many have been forced to not be able to shop, or worse yet- some don't even have access to a hair salon. Though it was a man that was shot, it's clear that women are the primary victims here. They did not choose a riot, they did not choose to suffer. But they are.

And how do those people sleep at night? On beds that could just as easily kill them. Though there have been no officially reported statistics on bed-on-women violence, it's estimated that almost 1-in-4 women have been at least assaulted by a bed, if not completely murdered.

Bed-on-woman violence is difficult to measure, because some women don't report it. It's estimated that the remaining number of women who have not experienced this violence are actually just unreported, and the beds are still out there, being repeat offenders.


You finish typing up your blog post and put it on twitter #YesAllRiotsAndBedsKillWomen and wait for the hits to roll in...

... but instead, you start getting replies. Not just any replies.. oh no.. it's the MRAs! Misogynist Radical Activists!

You suspected this might happen, but were hoping it wouldn't.

Your inbox shows a new message. Hands shaking in fear, terrified of what sort of misogyny or rape threat you might uncover, you click open to read what it says. It could be anything, anything at all. Lord willing, it won't be a trigger that sets you into immediate involuntary convulsions. If he says just one thing about his patriarchal "facts" or "science," just one instance of mainsplaining "how statistics works" you'll go into a full blown seizure. It's no joke, you can get serious brain damage from that. MRAs don't understand. They don't even care.

You start reading.

"I don't think there's any evidence of this, I've never seen it... #NotAllRiotsAndBedsKillWomen"

Oh god, it's worse than you expected. The misogyny is not imagined. It's real, and it's sitting there, burning a hole in your iPhone 5 screen. Why was this guy so stupid? Doesn't he understand, just because he's not there when it happens, doesn't mean it's not happening!

It is right then and there you recognize that familiar feeling. Before you can recognize what's happening, you are on the floor, head bashing against the floor, drool pouring from your mouth- your body violently flopping around the floor like a fish out of water. You've been triggered. You'll just need to ride this one out. It will be over soon. You hope you don't bruise yourself, but there are no guarantees. You're awfully close to the coffee table, and it's got sharp edges. Don't coffee table makers understand they should be more sensitive? What happens if you get triggered and hit your head off one of those edges? It's clear that table makers hate women, that they'd only design them for men's living rooms.

Eventually the violent shaking comes to an end, and you regain function of your limbs.

It's time to take action.

What will you do?
[1] Do some investigation and discover his real name and address, attempt to ruin his life...
[2] Call your friends and vent because "how can this guy be so fucking dimwitted??"

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