Slut Quest

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In the past all the honest, sane, and quality people on tumblr have been a source of inspiration for you. They've always given you balanced and constructive feedback for your consistently great ideas (Your Pink Zones tumblr was your second most re-tweeted tweet ever.) and you've never felt it was because vagina. In an effort to get the creative juices flowing you feel you should update your tumblr with one of your passions and then tweet it out. Once you receive all that positive feedback and validation you just know it will kick start the game design process. Do you:

What will you do?
[1] Call out fatshamers for their disgusting preferences. I mean, we all know beauty is merely an oppressive social construct.
[2] Criticize the gaming industry for its blatant sexism. This combines both things you are extremely passionate about, and will also give you a positive reputation with people you will be working with in the future.
[3] Ask your friends if they've had any inspirations or game ideas that you could use. If things go well you could give them credit or ask them to help design it.
[4] Tweet your interest in an internship or job opportunity with a small indie developer to be in a community of like minded individuals which would help you grow as a designer.

Player Status: A little oppressed, but hopeful as you do your daily part to smash the Patriarchy.

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