Slut Quest

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You find yourself in yet another bar. It seems that more of your nights are ending this way than you'd like. You muse briefly that this is an indicator of a disintegrating social fabric leaving us all desperate and isolated. At least that's how you're feeling now. The few guys who do talk to you just want sex, none of which you find attractive so they are all creepy. You are so alone. Maybe this is what the game should be about - The desperation and struggle of the average woman trapped in a sex crazed world filled with creepy men trying to exert their patriarchal dominance via heterosexual intercourse! A game like that could change the world, but sadly the only one fit to write it wouldn't have a snowball's change in hell of getting it published. Unless...

What will you do?
[1] A - Flirt with the guy next to you for a drink
[2] Buy your own drink

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