Slut Quest

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The editor of Beds magazine picks you up at your place around 7:00 pm. You're incredibly hungry, but you've been waiting all day because you're looking forward to enjoying a fancy four course meal on him tonight- heck! You deserve it after all the work you've been putting in recently!

After dinner finishes, you decide it's time to go in for the kill. You weren't there for pleasure, you were there for business. You're in the business of raising awareness of shoddy beds destroying women's lives.

The two of you get back to your place... when suddenly, and unavoidably, your vagina begins to tingle. "Oh god," you think to yourself, "it's happening again!"

You knew this might happen, but you were hoping that it wouldn't. Your vagina has began to moisten. "Of course, of course it would happen now..."

Your vagina knows that the editor holds the key to your future. It's pointless to resist. It knows what it wants, and won't stop until it gets it.

It's time to make a choice.

What will you do?
[1] Bribe the editor with sex to help you put a hit piece out on Beds Inc. into his magazine....
[2] Have sex with the editor now, and ask afterwards...

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